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When we were looking for an acupuncture specialist to help alleviate pain throughout our body, we were looking for an expert who has years of experience as well as a long track record of happy patients. We did not intend to visit a chiropractor originally but after speaking with the staff and Dr. Elledge at Elledge Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we were convinced that we should give them a try. Little did we know they were the best acupuncture OKC has to offer. If you are looking for high quality acupuncture work, look no further. Dr. Elledge helped me get back to running the very next week! We started with a simple surface level massage to relax my nerves. I had never been to an acupuncture clinic before so I was a bit nervous. After this, Dr. Elledge explained to me what acupuncture points were and how he would use the tiny needles to mark those points for relief.  Instead of feeling pain, I felt a sensation of heat and tingling. It was pretty remarkable compared to what I expected to find. Going in with intense headaches and back pain and walking out a new person is an amazing feeling. Dr. Elledge has taken the time to explain to me what is wrong with my back and how the neck is tied into everything. Combining Chiropractic services and Acupuncture only makes sense after understanding what they do as a practice. Taking a holistic approach to healing the body is a perfect way to get back into balance with both nature and your senses. Removing pain and accelerating healing are just two of the many benefits of seeing a chiropractor and acupuncture expert.   The last thing I have to say about Dr. Elledge’s office is that the staff there is great. Jenn greeted me when I entered the office and she helped me through the entire process. It was great having her there to meet me when I entered and it helped ease my tensions before getting started with our treatment. I will be an Elledge patient for years to come. Elledge Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic 5715 North Western Ave. Suite B Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118 (405) 858-2225

TLC Diet Transformation PLR Mega Pack reviews 80% Discount and Huge

Product Detail: TLC Diet Transformation PLR Megapack Review – What is it ? TLC Diet Transformation PLR Megapack is a brand new health PLR product with a huge offer of high quality PLR material which focuses on the TLC Diet for lowering cholesterol, it’s benefits and how to reach optimal health levels by incorporating it into your life. TLC Diet Transformation PLR Megapack is the evergreen Health niche that’s all done for you so you can start making sales starting today… Best of all, you’ll grab full private label rights to rebrand and resell the entire course as your own! Here’s What You’ll Get Inside TLC Diet Transformation PLR Megapack: “TLC Diet Transformation” Brand New 5,000+word, 43 Page Ebook On the TLC Diet & Its Benefits Full Ecover Graphics List Building Giveaway Report “10 Steps To Better Health With The TLC Det” Lead Capture & Thank You Pages Sales System Comprising Of Salespage With Copy Written Salesletter And Thank You Page Set Of 5 Eye Catching Promotional Banners Optimized For The Most Popular Sizes Full Source Files Including All PSD’s Premium Print Quality License Packs Detailed Keyword Reports Exact Match Domain Name Data 5 Premium Articles Extra Bonuses

New Year – New You || Week 10 || My Weight Watchers Journey ||

Like! Share! Subscribe! Did I gain or did I lose? Find out now as I report on Week 10 of my Weight Watchers Weight Loss Journey! Thanks for watching! Other YouTubers who are shedding pounds: Melody @transforming melody Michele @myeverydaywifelife Denise@deelovelylife Intro music Rock Intro 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Connect with me or Contact me: My Great Challenge PO Box 402 519 POMPTON AVE CEDAR GROVE, NJ 07009-9998 My blog: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Instagram:

Ketogenic Diet vs. Low Carb Diet: Thomas DeLauer

Ketogenic Diet vs. Low Carb Diet: Thomas DeLauer- Ketosis to Help Your Business? -Ketosis is when your body turns to fat rather than carbohydrates for energy. Ketosis can occur during fasting, when you reduce the amount of carbs or calories in your diet, during pregnancy or after exercising for a long period of time. Many diets use ketosis as the means of burning fat while maintaining muscle – examples include the Atkins diet and other low-carb diets. This strategy can also lead to decreased hunger. How long does it take to kick your body into fat burning, ketosis mode? Roughly 3-4 days of consuming less than 50 carbs per day, the equivalent of 2 bananas. Benefits include weight loss, seizure prevention, cardiovascular health and type-2 diabetes help, to name a few. How does it Work? When glucose is in short supply, your liver will break down fats into ketones, which are then used throughout your body for energy. Muscles and other tissues in your body use ketones rather than glucose for energy metabolism. In a healthy person, the production of ketones for energy is the body’s natural response to starvation, so this happens when dieting, overnight and during fasting. Glucose or Ketones: Which is More Effective? Many brain diseases, such as epilepsy, are already being treated by the ketogenic diet. The mechanisms to why it helps the brain are still being studied, but there are some possible reasons that ketones seem to be a good energy source for the brain. One major Ketone, beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB, provides more energy per unit of oxygen than glucose, and thus may be even more efficient than glucose at providing energy to the brain. (3) -The ketogenic diet has also been found to increase the number of mitochondria in brain cells. In a 2004 study on rats, one group was fed a ketogenic diet while the other was fed a normal diet. A positive impact was found on the gene expression for mitochondrial enzymes in the hippocampus, the memory and learning center of the brain. (4) Ketosis and Body Water Composition: High fat and low carb diets are known to lead to fast weight loss. The fast weight loss is due to water weight being shed (5) -When you decrease carbs, you decrease water storage in the body. Who Can Benefit From Ketosis? If you are looking to shed some body fat, ketosis may be a good tool. This can go along with an exercise regimen as you maintain muscle while losing fat. Ketosis can also benefit those who need to boost brain power as energy may be utilized more effectively in the brain. *Be careful because those with diabetes can get too high of a level of ketones in their blood, which is very dangerous. This occurs due to the low levels of insulin in the blood, which will signal the body to produce excess ketones that will build up in the blood, making the blood pH too low. References: 1. What […]